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Over the 10 years of operation, our company has created plant design and plantscaping solutions for hundreds of corporate clients and individuals. Many of them remain our loyal customers today.
This gives us reasons to believe that the results of our effort and the skills and expertise of our team fully fit the expectations of even the most discerning clients.   

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We are also proud of having done plantscaping work for the following high-profile domestic and international business clients. We invite you to join this list and see for yourself what a professional plantscaping team can do for you.

Procter and Gamble Juria Farm Vertex Life Papirus Blokbaster EliteDecor SocTrade AlfaBank Starlight Media British American Tobacco OLX Canon A1 ADC group Astrum Bayadera Bionorica Tuning center Phizer SAP Lemon Construction Coliers Dnipro Eko-market Eurobank GAP KLO Roche Boehringer Ingelheim SkyLine 2B Group Isida Clinic Ukraine Activ Solar Borispol Alico Bayer Husqvarna ACT Cosmopolit Index Bank EBA Jaguar Lambre Marco Farm Rentechno Gepur Rekkit Lexus Makros Milavitsa Mironivka HPP Mitsubishi Motors Niko Soft Line Teva Esta Property Vacak Nissan Новый канал Radisson Encore Silpo Проект 900 Slandr Design Mayoral Syngenta Sun Event Legrand Garu-paru ProCredit Bank Toyota 1+1 Media Winner JTI Arricano ADM Bacotech Miratech Russel President Hotel